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  • Taylor D. Thompson

Chasing Happiness

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Happiness is one of the most used words. We all say - the children look so happy. I am incredibly happy today. You do not look happy. Any reason? How to make a happy world? How to avoid sad feelings and feel happy? Which pill can help us? The discussion about happiness is endless. Does science give a common definition of happiness? General answers are available that say that happiness is a state when one feels good, elated, content, good etc. Is happiness a lifelong gift or an emotion experienced for a short time.

Chasing happiness can be elusive. What exactly does happiness mean? I used to think that happiness would come to me after I checked off all the tasks in my to do list of life. Then I realized that one accomplishment after another, instead of basking in my happiness all I did was add more tasks to my list and focus on the next mission. Essentially, my list would never be complete. As long as we are living, we have things to accomplish. So, me waiting for my happiness would eventually end up in me never really living and experiencing happiness. I would forever be caught in the cycle of waiting for more to be happy.

We know happiness can mean various things, but we can all agree on what happiness is not. Happiness is not, low self-esteem, feelings of despondency, sadness, guilt, helplessness, frustration, low interest, uncertainty, and all such negative emotions are not happy emotions. Those feelings make us unhappy. But let’s talk about what is happiness. Feeling good, cheerful outlook, positive thoughts, winning attitudes, satisfied living, enjoyment, and all such emotions that make us feel good are happy feelings.

One thing I have learned is that happiness is not the same for all of us. It is not something that we feel equal in measure to someone else. I have begun learning to take a step back and appreciate the little things. Like the view from my office window – I spend a few moments every day looking out and appreciating such a beautiful view. In that moment of pause and stillness I am able to create a space and feeling of happiness. Some might find happiness in the bright sunshine, others like me may find beauty and happiness in the star lit night. Each one of us has our own happiness.

Some of us are happy when we get a large amount of money, some when we can do lot of creative work, some when we can make others feel good and so on. All of us have our unique set of values and desires. I think the most common issues these days is that we are always in a rush and on the go that we have not really taken a moment to learn what makes us happy. My homework for you today is to take a moment, alone, and think about what it is that truly makes you happy.

Then make a vow that no matter how busy life gets you will do more of that. We all deserve happiness no matter how big or small and we should not wait on permission from anyone or anything to feel and hold on to that happiness. Happiness is a constant choice, even amid despair find your happy.

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